Ammonia Detectors

Ammonia Leak Detection System

Ammonia Leak Detection System

Multi-Channel Gas Monitor can be configured with electrochemical sensors to provide safe and reliable detection for ammonia and other gases.  They are capable of detecting a maximum of 10 channels with built-in delay timers for both high and low alarms.

Matching the correct system sensor with your application:

Solid-State Sensors

In many environments Solid-State sensors are an excellent choice because of high reliability, long life and low cost.  However, their broad-spectrum characteristics make them "application sensitive".  The non-linear output allows a sensitivity range from parts per million (ppm) to the percentage range. 

  • Solid-State sensors are available for ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, R-22, R-134a, methane, propane, etc....

Semi-Conductor Sensors

The new Semi-Conductor sensor raises the standard of solid-state technology to allow trip levels as low as 50 ppm ammonia in well ventilated engine rooms and outdoor applications.  

Electrochemical Sensors

Electrochemical sensors give the highest degree of gas specific monitoring.  These have excellent zero and calibration stability over long periods of time.  Electrochemical sensors eliminate false trips even in the most hostile environments.

Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors offer the sophistication of highly specific analyzers in a simple rugged design without pumps, filters or moving parts.  These sensors are selective, stable and durable over many years and provide long-term maintenance free operation.

NOTE (IMPORTANT):  These sensor "Tech Notes" call out the basic guidelines for sensor selection but should not be taken as complete information for specifying Manning Systems equipment. To verify sensor choices before publishing specifications, please contact our applications engineers.