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Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia is produced all over the US, but mainly in the central eastern states, by several methods including reduction of atmospheric nitrogen and hydrogen using the Haber Bosch method. The bulk of industrial ammonia is used as fertilizers, followed by household cleaning and industrial applications such as Refrigeration, NOx reduction, Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries.  

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Aqua Ammonia

Aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide are synonymous terms referring to a solution of ammonia in water.  Aqua ammonia is widely used as a reagent in SCR/SNCR systems and as acid neutralizer in Water Treatment Facilities. It is much more stable than Anhydrous Ammonia at atmospheric conditions and poses less safety risk.

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The commercial synthesis of urea involves the

combination of ammonia and carbon dioxide at high

pressure to form ammonium carbamate, which is

subsequently dehydrated by the application of heat to form

urea and water. Urea is widely used as a Fertilizer but it is sometimes use in the SCR or SNCR applications for NOx reduction. 

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