Ammonia Scrubbers


R. M. Technologies specializes in the installation of ammonia-based systems. This is especially important due to ammonia’s unique characteristics, which requires careful selection of components and proper installation to insure safe and optimum operation. 

We offer a variety of ammonia scrubber units that meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. The scrubbers vary in size and capacity.

Vapor Recovery Unit Operation Overview

  • Ventilation gas stream containing ammonia enters at the bottom of the recovery vessel (through a sparger) and flows upward. The scrubbing liquid (water) enters via a spray nozzle at the top of the vessel and flows downward.
  • The removal of the ammonia will take place in the fluidized bed. The bottom portion of the vessel will drain continuously into a re-circulation pump.
  • The weak solution of ammonium hydroxide is then re-circulated through the top of the unit for further scrubbing.

  • The temperature of the saturated ammonium hydroxide solution is measured on the discharge side of the pump. When the temperature reaches the specified limit, the unit will pump out the saturated solution into a holding tank for neutralization and fresh water is introduced back in the recovery system.
  • If disposal of this weak solution (below pH of 10) is not acceptable, then the solution can be neutralized using Citric Acid, then discharged to the waste treatment facility or contained for off-site disposal. The neutral solution is ammonium citrate dibasic, which is a stable, non-toxic salt.