Ammonia refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Ammonia (R717) is a widely used refrigerant in industrial refrigeration systems because it can be liquefied easily by compression or cooling and when returned to its gaseous state, it absorbs large amounts of heat from its surroundings.  

  • Ammonia refrigeration systems are found in the food, beverage, petro-chemical and cold storage industries.  

System and equipment design, selection and fabrication are extremely important areas in the engineering of an ammonia refrigeration system due to ammonia's unique characteristics.

  • Ammonia has a corrosive reaction with many metals including copper, brass, bronze, galvanized surfaces, aluminum alloys, mercury, gold and silver.  

R. M. Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in the field of ammonia system integration.  We will provide the conceptual design, fabrication, turnkey procurement, installation, system training, system start-up, scheduled preventative maintenance programs, safety training, regulatory assistance with PSM, RMP and General Industry program requirements and 24 hour technical response.  

Our equipment design and fabrication includes the ammonia storage and delivery system, the compressors, condensers, skid packages, vaporizers and monitoring equipment.  All of our equipment is ANSI/ASME approved for use in ammonia refrigeration applications